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All team performance and results hinge on people. That's where we come in. We help teams thrive.

How do we do that?
Our signature way of working with you is to engage you with your stakeholders.
We call this the outside in view to your team.

Why is that so important?
Your stakeholders have perceptions and viewpoints that can greatly help your team and organization. Our team coaching approach engages the larger system you work in.

How does this benefit you?

When teams get in touch and hear from their stakeholders, those insights can lead to leaps in performance. We also help teams have significant conversations that they would not have without our intervention.

High-functioning teams are the heartbeat of successful organizations. While good management is essential, there should be a trickle-down effect. Teams should exhibit productive dynamics and work together to achieve strategic goals. Schaller International offers comprehensive team coaching services to make your teams work better and generate exceptional results.

Interested in Coaching Your Team to Higher Performance?

Your teams are the bedrock of your organization, so when they excel, it propels the entire organization forward. Schaller International transforms your working groups of individuals with varying strengths and weaknesses into teams united with a shared purpose and set of goals. 

High-performance teams can achieve phenomenal results that are only possible with a coordinated and unified effort. Coaching a team will:

-Position your people to win
-Foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement
-Break down silos between different teams
-Improve your teams’ functionality and maturity
-Support employees to develop an entrepreneurial mindset 
-Positively impact your company’s profit margin
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The Format of Our Team Coaching and Development Sessions

Schaller International is committed to coaching your team to higher performance levels. Our high-performance programs will include:

- Planning retreats and offsite activities to help your teams explore vital but challenging strategy and execution questions to achieve strategic goals.
- Developing greater trust, clear agreements, improved decision-making, and managing conflict to create a better working experience for all.
- Team learning engagement exercises to help members practice new ways of working as a team.
- Frequent team evaluations to help everyone stop for self-assessment and reinforce newly learned behaviors. 

The common topics that we discuss include:

- Mastering communication patterns (avoiding conversation creep and jumping quickly to solutions)
- Improving team roles and accountability
- Optimizing decision-making processes
- Structuring reward systems that provide desirable incentives
- Managing power dynamics with the team to respect and include everyone’s contributions

We Offer Team Coaching and Development Services That Work

You can rely on Schaller International for expert team coaching and development for your staff:
  • Relational Fit with Team Leader
  • Interview Team Members
  • Interview Key Stakeholders
  • Discovery Session with Team
  • Team Determines Top Needs
  • Time Frame: 4-12 months

When Should You Call Schaller International?

We are your best source for transformational team coaching and development that yields measurable results. Creating a solid network of interdependent and effective teams will help your company thrive in a competitive marketplace.

You should call us if your company:

● Is experiencing a period of deep disruptions in one or more departments
● Has created a new team or division
● Has new people joining your team
● Needs help to discover new ways of working together in teams to achieve a fresh set of objectives
● Is about to make a significant pivot or culture change that necessitates the teams adapting and learning new ways of working together
● Is interested in creating a strong, high-performance, future-focused organization to dominate the market.

Whatever your company’s needs may be, Schaller International will help you exceed your strategic goals. 

Coaching a Team: Tips to Prepare Your Team

The best way to reap the rewards of coaching a team is to prepare your staff. Team coaching and development services is a strategic move to help teams enhance their performance. Some of the preparatory steps include:

● Setting milestones and goals for all team members
● Seeking to build mutual trust with and among your team members
● An ability to have open and honest conversations across all team members
● A willingness to identify and address issues 
● A desire to learn new concepts and behaviors and apply them each day
● The capacity to effect the necessary changes
● An ability to receive and share feedback
● A firm commitment to the team coaching process

Finally, you should embrace a celebratory mindset! Encouraging your team to celebrate wins will help everyone enjoy the team coaching experience.

Schaller International is Your Masterful
Team Coaching Expert

We come alongside you to discover and achieve high-performance results:

Chemistry Call

Relational fit with leader and team


With team leader, stakeholders and team


Design the path forward

Team Coaching

Experience shifts with stakeholders and team


High performance and revenue increase
Schaller International offers excellent executive team coaching services for your company. Continue learning more about us and how we can help you succeed. Contact us today to explore how you can leverage our expertise to boost your team’s performance.
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