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Schaller International LLC is a Team Coaching firm
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Are You...

Leading a diverse team with confidence?

Many teams are challenged by the complexity of diversity

Addressing team derailers?

Derailers can be turned around. Do you know how? If not It’s very costly

Facilitating better team meetings?

The goal is a high value creation team. Are you there?

Handling conflict effectively?

Sometimes you need another person on your team to process conflict

Leading your team toward high performance?

Our team coaching can get you there by engaging the whole system

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How Team Leader Coaching Works

In this video Dr. Greg Schaller, explains the challenges and overviews team leadership that results in a 20% increase in team performance.

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Custom tailored to your specific needs and goals.
Evidence based with clear insights that provide self awareness.

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How Team Coaching Works

In this video Dr. Greg Schaller, explains the challenges and pathway of team coaching that results in significantly increasing revenue.

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Custom tailored to your specific needs and goals.
Evidence based with clear insights that provide self awareness.

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Key stakeholders, sponsor, team assessment
Co-create pathway with full team
Chart the Path Forward
Team Coaching Sessions
Movement Toward Performance
Closing Engagement
Transfer Coaching Principles to Team
Sustainable Team Performance and Revenue

Hear what our Clients are saying

Rick McEdwards
Chairman, Middle East University

Greg helped me in several ways. First he listened well and helped me identify what my personal mission was and where I was at with my major roles. Secondly, on each coaching visit he asked appropriate questions and helped me to see myself in the mirror as an executive leader.  My coaching visits with Greg were pivotal in helping me navigate some really complex items in leadership, and to stay focused on what I really want as the core outcomes of my life and work. I experienced real growth through my executive coaching with Greg and I recommend it to others on my team.

Karin Rotman
Occupational Doctor in Belgium

Greg has coached me for about two years, and it has been absolutely worth it. Through the coaching sessions, I got more clarity about my purpose, confidence and self-awareness. One of the things I like the most about Greg is how good he is at asking the right questions at the right time. Also, he is a trustworthy person with whom you can easily relate. Greg’s coaching helped me through an important time of decision regarding my career and I can say with gratitude that this was crucial to get me to where I am today.

Adrian Puiu
Leadership Trainer, Coach and Speaker

I discovered in Dr. Greg's mastermind group how to become a true leader. I used the learnings in a multinational company where I was holding a senior position, handling 7 countries. The learnings helped me to bring significant results for my company and during challenging times, the company promoted me and increased my salary twice in the same year. Also, I created stronger relationships with my team. He helped me like no one else ever did. I'm extremely grateful.

Shiloh Harmitt
Christian Pastor in UAE

Receiving coaching from Greg is an indispensable part of my development as a pastor. I have found Greg's style of interaction to be non-judgmental and patient. What is so rewarding, is his ability to focus my thinking and sense of direction without making assumptions. He is skillful in clarifying and summarizing my often, disjointed, streams of ideas and thoughts and packaging them in a way that enables me to prioritize and make progressive steps in achieving my goals. Greg builds trust and creates a sense of value, believing in me - sometimes more than I believe in myself.

Brian Manley
Global Mission, Middle East and North Africa Union

The coaching I received from Dr. Schaller helped me to focus and set new priorities in some new areas in my life. Over time it helped me to make a shift in my professional life that has been very positive and inspiring. The coaching experience was new for me but I found his style motivating, encouraging and positively probing in key areas of my life at the time. I am grateful for that experience.

Team coaching can address team overwhelm, instill purpose and confidence resulting in significant performance and revenue increase.

Greg Schaller