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Schaller International LLC is devoted to maximizing the capacity of leadership and teams to achieve strategic objectives. We specialize in certified leadership coaching and executive leadership coaching. Our coaching credentials are with The International Coaching Federation (ICF)  and The Global Team Coaching Institute. At Schaller International, our coaching team's strengths cover the spheres of strategy, activation, maximizer, relator, empathy, positivity, and communication. Although we are based in Los Angeles, we have an international scope as we serve clients worldwide. We offer effective coaching that will propel teams to higher levels of performance and excellence.
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Dr. Greg Schaller

Founder, Leadership Coach. Team Coach

The study and application of leadership have been Greg's focus throughout his career. He has applied leadership principles to start three companies, train multiple teams, and organize several community-focused missions. Greg received a Doctoral degree in leadership and communication, and in 1997 he was introduced to coaching. Greg immediately saw the potential of coaching to develop leaders and teams. In 2016, he established Schaller International LLC in Dubai, and it now operates internationally from Los Angeles.

Greg knows from experience that leadership is almost magical when trust is high, and your team is in the flow. He also knows about the mess in the middle and how leaders and teams need psychological safety to talk things through without reprisal or judgment. It's easy for teams to get off purpose and misaligned, lost in the anxiety of putting out fires. Greg's coaching approach creates  new conversations and reflective space which moves to higher performance and value creation. Uniquely, Greg closes the engagement by providing critical transfer skills to help the team maintain their momentum and sustain their results.

Greg's father taught him to use foresight, to always "look beyond," and his mother showed him the value of building solid relationships. These interdependent life skills have helped Greg build a leadership practice that impacts the head and the heart. Greg has found coaching the best method for impoved self awareness to be your authentic self so leaders and teams can make the impact they envision.   

Greg is a master leadership and team coach. He holds coaching credentials with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the Global Team Coaching Institute. He is an abjunct professor of leadership with Andrews Universities leadership lab. 

Schaller International coaches leaders in the Middle East, Europe, Japan, South America, and the United States.

Teri Johnson

Executive Coach, Team Coach.

Teri Johnson, Executive Coach, Team Coach, and Workplace Consultant, has served senior leaders and their teams for over twenty years. Although most of her clients have come from the advanced tech sector, Teri has also worked with clients in healthcare, finance, city, and federal governments. A partial client list includes Microsoft, IBM, Nintendo, City of Redmond, City of Seattle, Boeing, Comp USA, US Department of Energy, HealthPartners, Gardant Management Solutions, and many others. 

Teri has been part of the coaching faculty for the Leadership Development at Duke University. She was also a faculty and mentor coach for People Acuity, a coach training and development company based in Minneapolis. 

Teri's coaching certifications include a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from the ICF, Global Systemic Team Coach (GTCI), Strength Strategies Certified Coach (SSCC), and Certified People Acuity Coach (CPAC) from People Acuity. 

Teri hosts a weekly podcast for managers called ManagerMondays, and is the author of numerous articles and the 2020 book, Unleash Your Potential with 25 Self-Coaching Tips. She is a popular speaker and workshop leader.

Bonnie Schaller

Founder, Leadership Coach. Team Coach

Bonnie Schaller is Greg’s wife and an HR Leader. She worked as director of talent management at Nordstrom corporate, VP of HR at The Altire Group in Dubai, and Currently as a director of talent management at a space company in LA. Bonnie is certified to delivery the the Korn Kerry assessments and also specializes in coaching  executive leaders.

She holds a masters degree in Phycological Counseling from the University on Notre Dame. She balances emotional intelligence with a strong drive for implementation and results.

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Schaller International holds 40 years of experience working with with leaders and teams

Certified and Executive Leadership Coaching

Dr. Schaller is credentialed with The International Coaching Federation (ICF) and The Global Team Coaching Institute.

Future Fit Leadership

The way people lead is changing. There’s a movement from a single team leader to collective team leadership. We’ll help you make the transition.

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-Enter conversation and reflective thought prior to action 
-Place the unspoken on top of the table
-Clarify purpose
-Engage and learn from stakeholders 
-Achieve results in significant performance and revenue enhancement

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Our Values

Honoring God and people is our motive
Our word is our action
Coaching is our method
Excellence is our standard
Collaborative team-work is our pathway
Transformational results is our effect

Key Strategies


In a coaching relationship clients clarify their leadership purpose, engage stakeholders, discover new perspectives, take impactful action steps and celebrate wins.


Empower Teams via team coaching to identify - form a purpose, engage stakeholders, co-diagnose situation, co-create path forward, celebrate wins, and gain how the team can coach itself.

Schaller International: High-Impact Leadership Training

We offer critical executive and certified leadership coaching for all industries and managerial levels.