We Coach Team Members for Higher Performance Teams of 5+ Members

What makes organizations work? High-performance teams - created the Schaller International way. We coach team members to build productive dynamics and collaborate to achieve your company’s strategic goals. You can trust our team's coaching processes to help your organization grow and dominate your marketplace.

Schaller International: Your Teams’ Coach for Success

Your teams are the bedrock of your organization, and their performance helps push the entire organization to a higher level. Schaller International specializes in coaching teams to transform groups of individuals. These people have varying strengths and weaknesses, and we help to unify these working groups into teams that are united with a shared purpose and set of goals. 

High-performance teams can achieve phenomenal results that are only possible with a coordinated and unified effort. With our expert teams’ coaching, we:

- Position your people to win as a team 
- Foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement
- Break down silos between different teams
- Improve your teams’ functionality and maturity
- Support employees to develop an entrepreneurial mindset 
- Positively impact your company’s profit margin

We Excel at Coaching Team Members to Maximize Their Productivity

Schaller International is committed to coaching team members for success. Our high-performance programs will include:

- Team retreats and offsite activities to help your teams explore their past and present story.. Project forward with a renewed sense of purpose and authentically learn to communicate with each other. Then reflect on the teams learnings for impact and results. 
- Developing greater trust, clear agreements, improved decision-making, and managing conflict to create a better working experience for all.
- Teams learning each other's strengths and learning how to work together. 
- Time to slow down for reflection and sharing discovery with the team to balance team relationships and results. 

The common topics that we discuss include:

- Understanding individual strengths to leverage team strengths. 
- Improving team roles and accountability
- Becoming aware of core motivations and releasing them in the team 
- The issues surfacing from the co-discovery process
- The team benefits of moving from centralized leadership to collective team leadership 

Coaching Team Members Effectively With Schaller International

You can rely on Schaller International for coaching team members in your company. For teams of five persons or more, you will recieve:
  • Extended Fit Session/s with Team Leader
  • Observations of team and wider systems
  • Interviews with stakeholders and team members
  • Discovery Findings Session with Team
  • Help Team process Top Needs
  • 5 Coaching Sessions
  • Time Frame: 4 to 7 months
  • A team of two co-coaches to address the complexity

When Should You Call Schaller International?

We are your best source for transformational coaching. Team members will experience measurable results in their performance. Creating a solid network of interdependent and effective teams will help your company thrive in a competitive marketplace.

You should call us if your company:

● Is experiencing a period of deep disruptions in one or more departments
● Has created a new team or division
● Has new people joining your team
● Needs help to discover new ways of working together in teams to achieve a fresh set of objectives
● Is about to make a significant pivot or culture change that necessitates the teams adapting and learning new ways of working together
● Is interested in creating a strong, high-performance, future-focused organization to seize  the market.

Whatever your company’s needs may be, Schaller International will help you exceed your strategic goals. 

Coaching Teams: Tips to Prepare Your Teams for Our Sessions

The best way to reap the rewards of coaching team members is preparation. Coaching teams is a strategic move to help teams enhance their performance. Some of the preparatory steps include:

● To ask if our team purpose is clear
● Practice psychological safety suspending judgment in and out of team meetings
● An ability to have open and honest conversations across all team members
● A willingness to identify and address issues 
● A desire to learn new concepts and behaviors and apply them each day
● The capacity to effect the necessary changes
● An ability to receive and share feedback
● A firm commitment to the team coaching process

Finally, you should embrace a celebratory mindset! Encouraging your team to celebrate wins will help everyone enjoy the team coaching experience.

Schaller International is Your Expert in Coaching Teams

We come alongside you to discover and achieve high-performance results:

Chemistry Call

Discovery of team’s current situation


With team leader, stakeholders and team


Design the path forward

Team Coaching

Experience shifts with stakeholders and team


High performance and revenue increase
Schaller International is your expert team strengths and motivation training and systemic team coach. Team members will reap great rewards from attending our training sessions, and there are no group-size restrictions. We are pleased to offer world-class executive coaching services for your company. Continue learning more about us and how we can help you succeed. Contact us today to explore how you can leverage our expertise and passion to boost your team’s performance.
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